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Welcome to Prospects National, a new company that is built on three words:

Talent. Elevates. Here.


We provide tournaments that are for college-bound athletes. We love baseball and want as many kids as possible to play the best game on earth. But our tournaments are not for everyone. They are for teams that have legit college-bound talent on them. Through our specific and intentional registration process, our team works tirelessly to ensure that our tournaments are full of teams that have college-bound players.


We exist to help players achieve their dreams of playing college baseball. In order to do that, we focus on two primary questions:

What helps college-bound players maximize their potential?

What do college coaches actually want and need to recruit prospects for their programs?

We provide events that are played on college-level playing surfaces and specialize in clear, professional communication so that players and teams are set up to succeed. We also work closely with college coaches at all levels throughout the country to provide events, metrics, and digital media that promotes prospective athletes and help them do their jobs. Everyone wins when both players and college coaches are set up for success.


Prospects National is a new company, but it’s leadership is made of former college and professional baseball players who have gone on to spend a collective 40+ years in the amateur baseball industry. Our leadership group has founded and/or worked as club owners, club coaches, college coaches, professional scouts, and event providers. We’ve been there as players. We’ve been there as coaches. We’ve been there as event providers. We know the industry and believe that both players and college coaches deserve better than what currently exists.